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Carl Waring is an experienced solicitor who qualified in 1987. He has written extensively on the personal injury ‘reforms’ that have taken place since 2010. He is a freelance legal content writer and the Head of Business Development at Mooneerams, Solicitors.

Fatal Accident Claims – A Brief Guide

Figures produced by the Department of Transport reveal that an average of 5 people die on the UK's roads every day of the year. That is a startling figure. According to a report produced by the Health and Safety Executive in July 2019, a total of 147 workers were killed ...

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Injured in an Accident at Work? It is OK to claim

“At the Health and Safety Executive, we believe everyone has the right to come home safe and well from their job. That’s why our mission is to prevent work-related death, injury and ill health.” – quote taken from the Health and Safety Executive website. What is the Health and Safety ...

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The M4 Relief Road – the soap opera ends after 30 years

As a firm of South Wales personal injury solicitors, whose Cardiff head office virtually sits on the M4, we have, perhaps more than most, closely followed the ‘will they/won’t they continue with the M4 relief road’ drama, ever since Mooneerams solicitors came into being, back in 2002. In our individual ...

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A Coffee With Personal Injury Solicitor Andrew Last

The team at Mooneerams Personal Injury claim solicitors in Cardiff are a cheery bunch, as anyone who has had any dealings with them either on the phone or in the flesh will testify. No one typifies this more than senior personal injury solicitor Andrew Last, a man who always seems ...

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