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About Rebecca Stead

Rebecca is a professional dancer. She graduated from Central School of Ballet, London where she attained her BA (Hons) in Professional Dance & Performance. Rebecca has decided to further her education by going on to study the Graduate Diploma in Law. She has recently been working with Mooneerams to gain work experience and an insight into legal work. Despite the experience being virtual, Rebecca has found her time with Mooneerams to be invaluable. It has given her a taste of what is to come, and she looks forward to beginning the GDL.

Life as a Graduate During a Global Pandemic

The last 15 months have been a roller coaster ride. The unremitting drops, loops and turns have left us not knowing whether to laugh, cry or avoid opening our eyes altogether. Aside from it being unexpected, the lockdown period has meant something entirely different to each and every one of ...

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