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What about pleural plaques?

Pleural plaques are another type of asbestos condition. These are lesions of scar tissue on the lining of the rib cage and are caused by asbestos exposure. They tend to appear between five and thirty years after exposure. They do not usually cause lung impairment or inconvenience. Neither does their ...

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Were workers provided with safety equipment?

The simple answer is that ‘no’ they weren’t. Alternatively, if they were provided with masks, they proved totally unsuitable. However, in the case of almost all the asbestos claims Mooneerams asbestos disease solicitor partners have dealt with, the evidence is that those who were exposed to asbestos were not provided ...

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How is asbestos disease caused?

Asbestos disease is caused by inhaling the dust or fibres given off by asbestos when it is worked on. When asbestos is cut, torn, sawn or otherwise worked with, asbestos fibres are released into the air. As asbestos was worked on to make it suitable for the particular job in ...

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