Shelter Cymru

2022 Charity of the Year

We are delighted to announce that our 2022 Charity of the Year is Shelter Cymru.

About Shelter Cymru

Shelter Cymru was founded in 1981 with a mission to defend the right to a safe home.

Each year, the charity helps thousands of people across Wales who are affected by the housing emergency by offering advice and support. They also actively campaign for changes to legislation and have most recently been campaigning to end ‘no-fault evictions’.

The charity relies on fundraising and donations to help make a difference to those facing homelessness in Wales.

Find out more about Shelter Cymru.

Charity Number: 515902 (England & Wales)

Our Charity Pledge

Mooneerams Solicitors pledge to support our Charity of the Year in the following ways:

  • Through fundraising initiatives
  • Creating online content giving advice on the issues our charity actively promotes
  • Boost charity awareness online and offline
  • Donations

You can keep up to date with our charity campaign for Shelter Cymru in our Blog and on our social media channels:



Shelter Cymru