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No Win No Fee agreements divide opinion. Often the deciding factor as to whether you think they are a force for good or not depends on whether you have ever benefited pursuing a No Win no Fee claim yourself. If you have, then in most cases, you’ll be very much in favour of them. If they didn’t exist, it’s likely you’d never have been able to make a successful claim for personal injury compensation.

When a client asks us to take on a No Win No fee personal injury claim for them, we go through the terms of our own No Win No Fee agreement in detail with them. The general advice provided in this article explains the various ways that No Win No Fee agreements in general can operate and is not to be taken as a specific representation as to the terms of the bespoke No Win No Fee agreement that Mooneerams offers to its clients.

Our experienced No Win No Fee solicitors will be only too pleased to answer any specific queries you may have about Mooneerams No Win No Fee accident claims service. For a free and confidential chat, call us on 029 2058 3615.

What is a ‘No Win No Fee’ agreement?

When people ask us whether we do ‘No Win, No Fee or Not’, in reality, they are asking whether we can take on their personal injury case, without them having to pay our fees themselves upfront and out of their own pockets. A No Win No Fee agreement is a contract. It is a contract between the solicitor and the client. The effect of the No Win, No Fee agreement is such that the solicitor will take on the clients claim and if it isn’t successful, there will be no legal fees for the client to pay – either to their opponent or to their own solicitor.

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What are ‘Conditional Fee Agreements’?

The No Win No Fee agreement is a written legal document. Although these types of document are known as No Win No Fee agreements, they are formally called, Conditional Fee Agreements (CFAs). You will hear the terms CFA and No Win, No Fee arrangement used interchangeably – that is, they mean the same thing.

How will you decide whether to take my case on under a No Win No Fee Agreement?

When we are asked whether we can offer a potential client No Win No Fee as a method of funding their claim, the first step we take, is to invite them to have an entirely free of charge conversation with us, usually on the phone, but if not, face to face.

The reason for this is that we need to find out more about their case. In particular we need to try and assess, whether they would have reasonable prospects of success, if they were to pursue a claim. In other words, whether would win their claim or not. This initial discussion is crucial. At Mooneerams our solicitors are all personal injury experts.

That’s because we only deal with personal injury claims (although we do have trusted partners with whom we work in other areas of the law).

Our injury lawyers’ are experienced personal injury solicitors, they are very quickly able to get to the crux of legal issues.

If, after going through the circumstances of the case with you, our solicitors don’t think you have reasonable prospects of making a successful claim, then they will advise you of the fact. They will also tell you that we won’t be able to take your claim on by using a No Win No Fee agreement. We’ll tell you how we’ve come to that decision.

We’ll stand by that decision too. If we take on a claim that has no chance of winning, we are only wasting your time and ours in carrying on with a claim that isn’t winnable. That doesn’t do you either of us any favours. Better by far that we are absolutely transparent and honest with you from day one.

However, we do take on an awful lot of No Win No Fee claims. Our track record of taking claims on under a No Win, No Fee basis is very good, as is our record of getting great results for our clients! For claims where we are able to offer you legal representation under a No Win No Fee agreement, we’ll explain to you fully, how our own No Win No Fee agreement will work and what the terms between us will be. In a nutshell, the main points to note in most forms of No Win No Fee Agreement are that:

  1. If you lose your claim, you will have nothing to pay either to your solicitor or to your opponents in respect of legal fees.
  2. If you win your claim and recover compensation, then you will have no fees to pay the other side.
  3. If your claim is successful, you will have to pay to your solicitor an amount that was agreed in the written Conditional Fee Agreement that you signed with your solicitor. In personal injury cases, that amount can be no more than 25% of the compensation that you receive.

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What types of claim can I make using a No Win No Fee agreement?

As a general rule, it’s possible to make any type of civil litigation claim, where your claim is for monetary damages. The majority of No Win No Fee claims are those involving:

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Why should I use Mooneerams solicitors for my No Win No Fee claim?

At Mooneerams we’ve specialised in Personal injury claims ever since we opened our offices in 2002. We don’t do anything other than personal injury claims (plus medical negligence and industrial disease claims, in conjunction with trusted partners).

When we first started, we were the only purely personal injury solicitors’ firm in the whole of Wales. As far as we are aware, we are still, the only firm of personal injury solicitors in Wales! Our firm has consistently grown year on year in terms of both new clients and new personnel within the office. That wouldn’t be happening unless we were pretty good at what we do. We have helped thousands of injured people to recover millions of pounds worth of compensation. Many of these clients instructed us by means of CFAs – No Win No Fee agreements.

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