No Win No Fee for Car Accidents

When we pursue a No Win No Fee car crash claim for you, you can rest easy in the knowledge that if your claim is unsuccessful, you will have no legal fees to pay either to the other party (person) involved in the claim or to us.

No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims from Mooneerams Solicitors

When you first approach Mooneerams to enquire about making a car accident claim, the initial process we follow is:

  1. We will speak to you on the phone to talk to you about the car accident you have been involved in.
  2. We will ask you to tell us how the accident happened. You will also want to let us know what injuries you have suffered and let us know of any loss you have already suffered or are likely to incur because of the car accident.
  3. The Mooneerams car accident claims solicitor with whom you discuss your accident, with will tell you whether they believe your claim has reasonable prospects of success. By reasonable prospects of success, we mean that the chances of winning your claim are more than 50% in your favour. If our lawyer thinks they are, then you will be advised that Mooneerams will be delighted to take on your claim. However, the choice of who you want to deal with your car accident compensation claim is entirely yours. We will not put any pressure on you to use Mooneerams. (We hope you will, though!)
  4. Before you decide whether you want us to handle your claim, you will be keen to know whether we can do so on a No Win, No Fee basis. In most cases, we can.

Our No Win No Fee Advice Guide tells you all you need to know about making a No Win No Fee claim through Mooneerams. Below we set out a nutshell summary of what taking out a No Win No Fee car accident claim will mean for you. Here are the things you need to know if you enter into a No Win No Fee car accident claim agreement with Mooneerams:

  • If you lose your claim, you will have no fees to pay either to us or your opponent’s solicitors.
  • If you win the case, there will be no fees to pay to the other side. You will pay us a proportion of the compensation we recover for you.
  • If express an interest in signing up to a No Win No Fee car accident claim agreement with us, we will discuss with you, in a transparent and honest way, how the No Win No fee arrangement will work. You will not be left guessing how much of your compensation we will deduct as our fee. You will know before the claim gets under way.
  • We will ensure you will have no upfront costs to pay and no nasty surprises to settle, at the end of your claim – there will be no hidden charges deducted from your compensation.

Are there any circumstances where I would end up paying the other side’s costs in a no Win No Fee car accident claim?

The only time that a client may end up with a costs bill from the other party to the claim, is if hat person has been dishonest in their dealings with us, the other party and the court. Entering into a No Win No Fee agreement requires total honesty from both the client and Mooneerams. We will always be honest in our dealings with our clients. We ask the same of them.

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A client who is dishonest about how the accident happened or as to the extent of any injury they are claiming for, could be subject to a finding of fundamental dishonesty. This does not happen very often. When it does, the court will usually order that the dishonest party pays their opponents costs even if they had the benefit of a No Win No Fee agreement.

Most clients are scrupulously honest and therefore do not run the risk of paying costs if they lose the case under a No Win No fee arrangement.

Will having a No Win, No Fee agreement alter the way you handle my car accident claim?

Not at all. Every client who comes to Mooneerams receives the same professional, exemplary standard of care you would expect from a niche personal injury firm of solicitors.

Remember – we will not get paid for any of the work we do on your claim unless we secure a winning compensation settlement for you.

Therefore, before starting a claim for you on a No Win No Fee basis, we carry out a comprehensive risk assessment of your case.

If we tell you at the start, we believe your case has good prospects of success, we are backing our skill and experience to win your No Win No Fee car accident claim and to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible.

What compensation can I claim for in a No Win No Fee Car Accident claim?

When you make a No Win, No Fee claim for compensation after a car crash, the type of compensation you can claim for will include:

  • A claim for damages (compensation) for pain, suffering and loss of amenity – in effect this is compensation for the injuries you have suffered. The injury types vary in each case depending on the type of car crash and the severity of the impact. ‘Loss of amenity’ refers to the effect the injury causes to your enjoyment of life.
  • Compensation for the damage caused to your vehicle – you might claim the full amount of the cost of repairs directly from the insurers of the driver responsible or you may have repairs carried out under your insurance policy and claim any insurance policy excess back from the other driver’s insurance company.

The same applies if your vehicle is written off after the car accident – you can claim the pre-accident value back from the other driver’s insurance company or get your own company to pay you out for the total loss value of your vehicle. Once again, you can claim the insurance excess (if you have one) from your opponent’s insurers.

Our experienced car accident claim solicitors will be able to advise you of your options and the best way to proceed.

  • Loss of earnings – if the injuries you suffer in the road traffic accident prevent you from working you will be able to recover your loss of earnings.
  • Travel expenses – if you hire a vehicle whilst your own is off the road for repairs or whilst you wait for a settlement from the insurers if your car is a write off you will be able to claim back any hire charges for the use of an alternative car. You must hire at a reasonable rate and do so only over a reasonable period if you are to get the charges back from the insurers of the other driver.

If you do not hire a vehicle, you can claim reasonable travel expenses – either in the form of loss of use and inconvenience to cover the time you are without a vehicle or taxi, bus, or rail fares for specific journeys.

  • Prescription charges
  • Out of pocket expenses

You will need to prove your losses, so make sure you keep receipts for travel expenses or items purchased to replace ones damaged in the car accident.

Do Mooneerams offer a No Win No Fee car accident claim service throughout South Wales?

Mooneerams head office is in Cardiff but we also have office venues in Aberdare, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff Bay, Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea, we can offer a complete No Win No Fee car accident claim service throughout South Wales and indeed the whole of Wales and beyond.

What is the time limit within which you can start a No Win No Fee car accident claim?

The general rule is, you have three years from the date of the accident within which to start a claim. However, it makes sense to start your claim as soon as possible after the accident, so the events are fresh in yours and any witnesses’ minds. The sooner the claim starts, the sooner it will be concluded, and you will get your car accident compensation.

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