No Win No Fee Cycling Accident Claims

UK cycling accident statistics suggest over 325 cyclists get injured every week in road traffic accidents. The same statistics reveal that two cyclists die in accidents each week, as well.

Not all cycling accidents are the fault of the other party to the accident. Yet, the Highway Code, defines pedal cyclists as Road Users Requiring Extra Care. They rank alongside motorcyclists, pedestrians, and horse riders, in that respect. If a cyclist and a motorist collide, the motorist will often find it hard to shift blame for the accident onto the cyclist. Extra care is expected when travelling in the vicinity of cyclists. Failing to give cyclists adequate room when passing them and failing to spot cyclists at junctions are common causes of cycling accidents.

No Win No Fee Compensation

However, many cyclists, injured in road traffic accidents, worry about the cost of hiring a personal injury solicitor to bring a cycling claim. Cyclists are not obliged in law, to take out insurance. For that reason, most of them are not insured. In fact, as many as 85% of them have no insurance cover. As a result, they are unlikely to have any kind of ‘legal expenses insurance.’ Pre-existing legal expenses insurance would allow them ready paid access to a law firm to start a compensation claim.

There is no legal aid for personal injury but there is No Win No Fee!

Thankfully, although the very grand sounding Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act of 2012, (LASPO), got rid of legal aid for most personal injury claims, No Win No Fee Agreements, which had existed since 1995, then came into their own.

No Win No Fee agreements are an ideal way for a cyclist to bring a claim against a careless motorist’s insurance company. They are able to do so, safe in the knowledge that should they lose their claim, they will not have to pay any legal costs.

For that matter, No Win No Fee agreements are also a good way of funding a bicycle accident claim against a local authority or highway authority who have allowed a pothole to remain in a state of disrepair. Potholes which should have been repaired, but have not been, result in many unwitting cyclists getting thrown from their bikes and suffering injury. No Win No Fee Pothole claims are the means to recovering compensation when that happens. Some very serious injuries are caused by pothole cycling accidents.

What is a No Win No Fee Cycling Claim?

Our main cycling accident claims page sets out all you need to know about:

  • making a cycling claim,
  • the types of injury you can claim for, how to choose the right cycling accident solicitor,
  • how cycling accidents happen, and
  • what you can claim for in a cycling accident.

A No Win No Fee Cycling Claim is brought in exactly the same way as any other cycling accident claim. When you make a cycling accident personal injury claim, having first entered into a no Win No Fee Agreement with Mooneerams solicitors, you can relax in the knowledge that:

  • If you decide before making a claim that you want to sign up to a No Win No Fee cycling accident claim agreement with us, we will discuss how the No Win No fee arrangement will work with you in a totally upfront and transparent way.
  • If you lose your claim, you will have no fees to pay us or the insurers of the other driver or the highway authority (in the case of a pothole claim).
  • If you win the case, you will not have anything to pay to the other side (they lost the case). You will pay us a fee as agreed in the signed No Win No Fee agreement, out of the compensation we recover for you.
  • You will have no upfront fees to pay and there will be no surprise deductions from your compensation.

Is there no chance at all of my having to pay any legal costs if I lose my cycling claim?

We will be entirely upfront and honest in our dealings with you. All we ask is that you are the same with us. In those circumstances, if you lose your claim, you will have nothing to pay us or the other side.

Very occasionally, a client may not be entirely truthful with us about the circumstances of the accident, or the extent of their injuries and how the accident has affected their life. If as a result of their dishonesty the case is lost at court, then the judge can make a finding of fundamental dishonesty against the untruthful claimant and order that they pay all the other sides costs.

It is very rare that this happens. The vast majority of our clients are 100% honest and as a result if they lose their claim, they have nothing to pay.

If we do agree to fund your cycling claim on a No Win no fee basis, it is because we think your claim will be successful. Our record for winning No Win No Fee cycling cases is a good one!

Which of Mooneerams offices take on No Win No Fee cycle accident compensation claims in South Wales?

All our offices in South Wales handle No Win No Fee cycling accident claims. Our head office is in Cardiff, but we have satellite offices in Aberdare, Bridgend, Caerphilly, Cardiff Bay, Merthyr Tydfil and Swansea. We are specialist personal injury solicitors and experts in road traffic accident claims.

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