• defective equipment

What is a defective equipment injury claim?

By |September 21st, 2021|

Employers owe their employees a duty of care to keep them safe at work. This duty is in part imposed on them by common law and in part by statute. Common law comes from custom and precedent i.e., unwritten law that develops over time and law which results from the decisions of judges at court. Some judges decisions lay down important principles which can often remain the law for many years. Statutory law comes from ...

  • The Great Big Air Freshener Competition

And The Winner Of Our Great Big Air Freshener Giveaway Is….

By |September 16th, 2021|

Last month, we announced that we were running a competition to give away 5,000 Mooneerams branded air fresheners that we had been stockpiling at our Cardiff head office since the pandemic started. In normal times, we were giving our air fresheners away to clients and local businesses for free and in person, but after the last 18 months we soon found ourselves with boxes of delightfully-scented air fresheners in the stock room! So, we thought ...

  • recruitment

Would you like the chance to join Mooneerams Solicitors award winning personal injury team?

By |September 10th, 2021|

Mooneerams Solicitors are hunting for new talent to join the team. You’ll notice that we simply said, ‘new talent’. That’s because we are putting no barriers up to deter those, who may be otherwise brilliant candidates, from applying for a job with us. So, you may be an established solicitor, seeking a change and looking to work in a super busy, yet different type of claimant personal injury only firm of solicitors. You’ll find us ...

  • gym accident

Can you claim for injuries suffered in a Gym Accident?

By |September 8th, 2021|

What a difference a few months can make. According to an article of the 12th of January 2021, in the Guardian newspaper, UK gyms, pools and leisure centres were teetering 'on a financial cliff edge' unless they received more government support, as the impact of a further Covid lockdown started to bite. Fast forward just eight months, and the same newspaper reports that many gyms are looking to expand into empty shops as people are ...

  • health-safety-in-the-workplace

Who is responsible for health and safety in the workplace?

By |September 2nd, 2021|

Some people injured in accidents in the workplace don’t even think about making an accident at work claim. It isn’t because they believe it is wrong to make a claim – it is because they don’t realise they can claim. You will have probably heard of the advertising slogan often used by accident claims companies and some personal injury solicitors: “Where there’s blame, there’s a claim!” Where does the ‘blame’ lie when a workplace accident ...

  • online shopping

Is the online shopping boom leading to more warehouse accident claims?

By |August 23rd, 2021|

As the UK cautiously starts to emerge from the darkest days of the Covid pandemic, life is gradually starting to resemble its pre-March 2020 format again. What the medium-term future will look like may become clearer in a few more months. Covid 19 had a severe impact on most industries, although one of the positive aspects of the pandemic was how well many businesses managed to adapt to the emergency, particularly as employers embraced working ...

  • cervical-cancer

What is Cervical Cancer and What Can Lead to a Cervical Cancer claim?

By |August 17th, 2021|

What is cervical cancer? What type of problem leads to someone seeking out the services of a clinical negligence solicitor to make a cervical cancer claim? The cervix is the neck of the womb. It runs from the womb to the vagina. Sometimes cells in the cervix become cancerous. This may happen in the deeper tissue (the 'endocervix') and become a type of cancer called 'adenocarcinoma'. It may occur in the surface tissue (the 'ectocervix') ...

  • questions about accident claims

4 Questions About Accident Claims You Were Too Afraid To Ask

By |August 6th, 2021|

A few days ago, there was a sponsored advert for an accident claims company on Facebook. Working in the same kind of industry (although Mooneerams are personal injury solicitors, not a claims company) it’s always interesting to see what our competitors are doing by way of marketing Underneath this particular advert, a lady had made an interesting comment, by writing: "….and you know who pays for these accident claims, don’t you? The taxpayer.” The lady’s ...

Bereavement Award Damages: Rigid, Discriminatory and Woefully Out of Date

By |August 3rd, 2021|

The government has recently dashed hopes of any imminent changes being made to the law relating to bereavement damages. In answer to a parliamentary question tabled by the MP for Cardiff North, Anna McMorrin, Justice Minister, Chris Philp, responded by saying: “The Government believes that the existing system involving a fixed level of award and clear eligibility criteria represents a reasonable, proportionate and practical approach, and the Government does not currently have any plans for ...

  • wet floor

What is my employer’s duty of care to me in relation to accidents at work?

By |July 26th, 2021|

To quote the lyrics  of Elvis Costello in his 1970s hit song, “Accidents will happen!” Whilst it is true that prevention of all accidents could only be possible in an ideal world, nevertheless, an employer owes his employees a duty to take reasonable care of their health and safety whilst they are working for him. In other words, an employer must do all he reasonably can to prevent his employees from becoming  the victims of ...

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