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Information on Medical Negligence from the team at Mooneerams personal injury solicitors.

Botched cosmetic surgery & how to avoid it

As most people are aware, plastic surgery is not a new phenomenon. However, did you know that in Europe, the earliest' nose jobs' date back to as long ago as the mid-1400s? Thankfully plastic surgery techniques have come on leaps and bounds since those early, painful days. Nevertheless, the words' ...

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Claiming Compensation for Birth Injury Negligence

Birth injury negligence can catastrophically change the life course of the person affected before their life, has even begun. Such incidents are immensely traumatic for all involved, not least for the family of the baby and the medical team overseeing the care. A baby that was healthy in all respects ...

By |2020-09-30T14:46:30+01:00September 30th, 2020|Medical Negligence|

What are Sepsis medical negligence claims?

According to the UK Sepsis Trust, the disease of sepsis kills around 52,000 people here in the UK every year. Despite a death rate that dwarfs that of many well-known cancers combined, such as bowel and prostate, it’s a fair bet that most people have either not heard of sepsis, ...

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