Cycling Accident Compensation Claims

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The Popularity of Cycling in the UK

Cycling’s popularity has steadily risen during the last decade. This has been down to a number of factors, including;

  • The successes of British cyclists in events such as the Tour De France and the Olympic Games
  • The fact that on our crowded roads, cycling can be a way of avoiding the effects of traffic congestion
  • Cycling has increasingly come to be seen as a wholesome and relatively inexpensive activity that all the family can get involved in
  • The known health benefits of cycling

Cycling Accidents

The downside to cycling on our congested roads, is that together with motor bike riders, cyclists are right up there as the most vulnerable of road users.

The Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) produced a report in November 2017 that informed us that in the preceding year there were almost 18,000 reported accidents where cyclists were injured and some 3500 were killed or seriously injured. To put this into some perspective, over the same distance travelled (per billion vehicle miles), 1011 cyclists were seriously injured or killed compared to 26 car drivers.

Most Common Types of Non-Fault Cycling Accidents

  • Motorist pulling out of a minor road onto a main road and colliding with a cyclist that he hadn’t spotted
  • Motor vehicle driver turning left at a junction and filing to note the presence of a cyclist on his nearside
  • Car door opening into the path of a passing cyclist
  • Both motorist and cyclist travelling in the same direction and the motorist failing to give enough room to the cyclist when overtaking
  • Motorist running right across the path of the cyclist
  • Cyclist being thrown form their bike as a result of a potholed or otherwise damaged road surface

In a large number of cases (over 50%), ‘failing to see’ the cyclist was given by the driver of the motor vehicle as the reason why the accident happened.

Cycling Accident Injuries

Male cyclist near-miss as woman opens car door without lookingCyclists have little or no protection if a motor vehicle comes into collision with them, or if they are thrown from their bike as a result of a damaged road surface. Most cyclists wear helmets now, but they are not compelled by law to do so. Wearing a helmet offers some protection to the head but does not by any means completely remove the risk of a serious or even fatal cycling accident head injury.

The most common injuries suffered by cyclists in an accident are;

Bruises, scratches and lacerations

Most cyclists having been knocked from their bikes by a motor vehicle would probably consider themselves pretty lucky to only suffer these types of injuries. Nevertheless, severe bruising and deep lacerations can be extremely painful and debilitating and may of themselves involve periods of hospitalisation and time off work, with the possibility of loss of earnings as a result.

Limb injuries

These are the most common types of injury suffered by cyclists with 40% suffering arm injuries and 5% leg injuries.

Chest or abdomen injuries

Whilst only 5% of all cycling casualty injuries are this type of injury, when they do occur, they are almost always injuries of the severe type.

Head Injuries

These are probably the biggest fear of most cyclists. They too are on a par with arm injuries in the frequency with which they happen, also accounting for 40% of all cycling injuries reported. Some of the most serious injuries imaginable are cycling accident head injuries – concussion is at the lower end of severity (but still a dangerous injury in itself). However fractured skulls and brain damage injuries are life changing events. Many cycling accident fatal injuries are as a result of the victim suffering a head injury.

Choosing a Cycling Accident Claim Solicitor

  • Choose your solicitor carefully
  • Mooneerams solicitors have over 16 years’ experience of dealing with cycling accident claims on behalf of injured cyclists
  • We only act for claimant cyclists
  • That means we never act on behalf of insurance companies to defend cycling accident claims
  • We understand that your bike is of the utmost importance to you. Ensuring that you get back the true value of your bike from the insurance company of the road user that caused the accident, is a priority. We will use all our knowledge and experience of dealing with cycling compensation claims, to ensure that you recover the full cost of replacing your bicycle, from the insurance company
  • We will also work with you to ensure that all other financial losses suffered by you in the accident are properly detailed, presented to and recovered from the responsible insurance company – this may include loss of earnings, if your injuries prevent you from working and loss of use or inconvenience if you are without transport as a result of your bike being off the road. Perhaps even the cost of hiring a replacement mode of transport, if your bike was your only means of getting around

Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured in the accident, you are entitled to recover compensation for the injury suffered. The amount of compensation will directly relate to the severity of the injury that you sustained in the accident. Some cycling accidents cause the cyclist fortunately only minor injuries resulting in compensation of a few thousand pounds.

However, some cycling accidents cause very injuries, with a number having long lasting, life changing consequences. The compensation amounts in such cases can run into six or even seven figure sums.

At Mooneerams we have a team of experienced personal injury specialists on hand to cover all types of injury claim. Our aim is to get you the maximum compensation possible.

Often insurance companies will try to settle cycling accident injury claims quickly but at less than the true value of the claim and before the true extent of your injuries have been revealed through medical examinations and ongoing treatment.

Whilst we want you to recover your compensation as soon as possible, it is our job to ensure that you get the MAXIMUM possible compensation for your injuries. If that means waiting on further medical reports, rehabilitation and treatment, then we will work to get you an interim payment at an early stage. An interim payment, is a payment on account of the full value of your claim.

How much compensation will I receive?

This is one of the most common questions we are asked. It is a question that really can’t be answered until our own legal experts and the medical experts that we ask to help you have been able to go through the claim and the injuries that you have sustained in some detail. That is why in more serious injury compensation claims, we always attempt to recover an interim payment for you, so that any financial pressures on you, brought about by the accident, are eased.

How long have I got to make a cycling accident compensation claim?
You have three years from the date of the accident causing your injury, within which to make a claim. If the claim is for a child under the age of 18, then the three-year time limit does not start until the child reaches 18. In all cases, though, it is advisable to seek out legal assistance as soon as possible after the accident, with a view to making a claim.

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