Serious Injury Compensation Claims

Road traffic accidents, Accidents at work and Slip and trip accidents can be the cause of a wide number of types of injury.

These range from minor bumps or bruises: soft tissue injuries and broken bones through to very serious injuries or catastrophic injuries of the type that are life changing.

Surgeons operating on a patient with Serious Head, Brain or Spine Injury

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Serious Injury Compensation Claims

Our friendly team will make sure that you are provided with all the specialist help that your particular circumstances require. This means ensuring that you get;

  • The proper medical treatment that is needed
  • The most suitable type of rehabilitation is available to you
  • The right experts on hand to assist you
  • Everything possible done to get you back to living as normal a life as is possible, as soon as possible.

Surgeons operating on a serious spine, head or brain injuryIf you have suffered catastrophic injuries, it can sometimes take many years to get back to leading anything like a normal life. It may be that in the most extreme cases, getting back to leading a life that was anything like the one you had before the accident, becomes an impossibility. You might need care and assistance on an ongoing basis.

As one of our clients, you can be sure that Mooneerams will be there with you throughout. You will always remain a valued client, long after you have received compensation for the accident. We’ll always be there for advice and assistance when you need it.

Call us on 029 2048 3615 or Contact Us online if you have, or a family member has, suffered serious injury as a result of an accident. Ensure that your serious injury claim is dealt with by expert personal injury solicitors.

What do we mean by ‘Serious Injuries’?

It’s impossible to provide a list of every type of injury that would be classified as serious or catastrophic. However, the following are some of the types of serious injury claim that we have been asked to help people with;

Amputation Claims

The workplace can be a dangerous place. Fortunately, the law recognises that employers owe a duty of care to their employees to ensure that they are safe in their work and in their place of work. This duty is also enforced through various pieces of government legislation. Most employers diligently comply with all the requirements imposed on them by bodies such as the Health and Safety executive.

Nevertheless, accidents at work still happen, either because the employer (or a fellow employee) has been careless or because the employer has simply not taken all steps to protect their employee in a given situation.

Accidents occurring in the workplace can be end up being ones of the utmost severity. Workers should not lose limbs that get caught up in machinery, or suffer serious crushing to legs that become trapped between a moving truck, such as a forklift truck and for instance, a factory wall.

However, these things can and do happen and if amputation of a limb is the end result either immediately or through a surgical procedure (if the damaged limb cannot be saved), then the victim will be entitled to make an amputation compensation claim.

Similarly, very bad road traffic accidents – car accidents, accidents involving HGVs, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents and pedestrian accident – can be the cause of injury severe enough to result in the amputation of a leg or an arm.

Brain Injury Claims and Head injury Claims

Some types of head injury caused by being involved in an accident can be limited to cuts or lacerations to the head.

However, when talking or writing about head injury compensation claims, it is probably true to say that we are, in the vast majority of cases, referring to injuries to the brain as well.

A severe blow to the skull such as that caused by a heavy falling object hitting an employee on the head whilst at work, or by a motorcyclist or cyclist being knocked off their bike and hitting their head on the road, may cause a fracture of the skull. This involves a breaking of the bones that make up the skull. That alone would be classified as a serious head injury.

However almost all blows severe enough to fracture or brake bones in the head, are likely to result in some form of brain injury too.

  • Accidents at work, such as falls from scaffolding or falls from ladders, can leave the victim of the accident with brain injury.
  • Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians who are involved in road traffic accidents are at high risk of suffering an injury to the brain, should they be thrown from their bikes, even if they are wearing protective helmets.
  • Similarly, road traffic accidents where the head is severely jolted back and forwards can end up with the injured person suffering brain damage.
  • Occupants of motor vehicles may suffer brain damage as a result of their head colliding with some part of the vehicle that they are travelling in, when a car accident takes place

Brain injury sustained in an accident is referred to as traumatic brain injury or TBI. There are a number of types of TBI;

  • Concussion – a type of temporary brain injury. Whilst not permanent this kind of injury can nevertheless last for weeks or months
  • Fracture of the skull – cracks or breaks in the bones of the skull. Damage to the skull as a result of it striking a hard object often results in the brain becoming damaged as well.
  • Haematomas – bleeding in and around the brain
  • Diffuse Axonal injury – this is where the white matter in the brain becomes damaged. This damage may be temporary or permanent.
  • Contrecoup – bruising on the brain that is on the side opposite to where the blow occurred. Common in road accidents as a result of the head being violently shaken.

 Spinal injury claims

We most commonly come across spinal injuries when they are the result of;

  • Road traffic accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Motor cycle accidents
  • Accidents at work

Damage to the spinal cord is almost always life changing or life threatening. The rehabilitation that someone who has suffered a spinal injury is required to undertake, can last many years. The effects can be devastating with loss of employment and even loss of the ability to work again, in some circumstances. The victim’s home may need to be adapted and medical and rehabilitation costs can be crippling. These losses and future losses will all form part of the calculation of compensation, or ‘damages’, as they are known.

That is why spinal injury victims (or their families) should ensure that only a solicitor who is an expert in dealing with spinal injury claims is asked to take on a spinal injury claim for them.

Finding the right Serious Injury Solicitor to assist you

It is imperative that when someone has suffered a serious head injury, complex brain injury, spinal cord injury, or amputation that has been caused by having a non-fault accident,  that they or their family seek advice from a personal injury solicitor who has the necessary experience of acting for accident victims who have suffered serious injury.

At Mooneerams solicitors, our Director, Angus Fergusson has over 15 years’ experience of dealing with serious injury compensation claims. He heads up our serious injury team in our Cardiff office and is always available to speak to those who have suffered these types of injury following a non-fault accident. For a free, no obligation, discussion with Angus why not call him on 029 2048 3615 or drop him a line by email in the first instance on It can be you, the victim who calls, or a member of your family on your behalf, with your permission.

We only deal with claimant personal injury claims – we are the only South Wales personal injury solicitors who can say that. In fact, we believe that we are the only firm of personal injury solicitors in the whole of Wales that can say that!

As well as having all the legal skills required to deal with such complex claims, Mooneerams serious injury solicitors’ team also have that extra quality of being completely empathetic to the needs of their clients.  We can justify those words with our actions. Our solicitors will always make home or hospital visits to see clients who have suffered any type of injury in an accident and to take from them ongoing instructions to assist is with making a personal injury compensation claim on their behalf.

If you are one of our serious injury clients, or have suffered a complex injury and want to become one of our clients, we are of the belief that it is vital that we come to see you at your home. You may still be in hospital when you decide to make contact with us. In that case we will come to visit you there to take details or as they are known, ‘instructions from you. To us that type of client care is of the utmost importance.

In most circumstances it will be possible to to fund your claim by offering you the benefit of a No Win, No Fee arrangement.

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