Serious Injury Compensation Claims

Road traffic accidents, Accidents at work and Slip and trip accidents can be the cause of a wide number of types of injury.

These range from minor bumps or bruises: soft tissue injuries and broken bones through to very serious injuries or catastrophic injuries of the type that are life changing.

Surgeons operating on a patient with Serious Head, Brain or Spine Injury

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Mooneerams are award-winning specialist personal injury solicitors. We only handle personal injury claims and act solely for claimants, those who suffer the catastrophic, life-changing injuries that define whether a claim is a serious injury claim. We never act for the defendants to a claim, which means working for insurance companies in most cases.

Handling serious injury claims for clients requires detailed knowledge of the law relating to catastrophic injury claims and sound knowledge of the medical issues involved.

Serious injury compensation claims are almost always complex cases to pursue. If you suffer a serious injury, you should choose a specialist firm of personal injury solicitors to act for you.

Mooneerams have excellent working relationships with many leading medical experts, including experienced consultant surgeons, therapists, rehabilitation specialists, care consultants, transport, home adaptation experts, and more.

Serious injury claims are often referred to as catastrophic injury claims, too – the word ‘catastrophic’ emphasises that the accident has caused life-changing injuries to the accident victim.

Why should I choose Mooneerams to act on my behalf in my serious injury compensation claim?

Here are just 5 reasons why you should choose Mooneerams to deal with your serious injury claim:

  1. We are specialist personal injury lawyers – we don’t carry out any other type of legal work. Mooneerams started up in 2002, so we have been handling only injury claims for twenty years.
  2. We only handle personal injury claims, so we aren’t distracted by doing other types of work.
  3. Everything we do is dedicated to getting the best possible outcome for our personal injury clients. Achieving that involves getting them the maximum possible amount of compensation and putting in place practical solutions to help make their lives more manageable.
  4. Mooneerams have received accolades for the personal injury work they carry out for their clients. Mooneerams were recently named Personal Injury Team of the Year‘ in the Wales Legal Awards, recognising that we are expert personal injury solicitors.
  5. Most importantly of all, the clients whose personal injury claims we have handled leave us fantastic 5* reviews on rating sites such as Trustpilot, and Google:

five star rating

“Was in an accident and recommended by a friend to contact Mooneerams, who provided a great service.

The whole process was seamless, from a caring and patient visit from the solicitor (Al) who talked me through the whole process in simple terms, to the provision of a courtesy car and eventual settlement and compensation. They took care of all of the paperwork, contact, hassle and stress.

I’ve since recommended them to several friends, and all have been equally impressed. “

five star rating

“Very happy with the professional service I received from Mooneerams Solicitors. Angus Ferguson and his team was there for me providing support and help needed. I was reassured at all stages whilst attending appointments to see various medical professionals.

I can’t thank you enough for getting me through the hard times and on the road to recovery.

I would recommend Angus Ferguson and his team at Mooneerams Solicitors to anybody who is unfortunate to experience a car accident. Thank you, Angus.”

At Mooneerams, you will be in good hands from start to finish of your claim. Catastrophic injury claims can take a long time, often several years or more.

You must feel comfortable with the solicitor handling your serious injury claim. You’ll build up a rapport and come to rely on them to help you through difficult times.

Our tight-knit personal injury team pride themselves on their relationships with their clients, and we can guarantee that your lawyer will become someone you trust to do their very best throughout the life of the claim.

What are ‘Serious Injury’ claims?

A simple definition is that they are claims involving accidents where the victim suffers significant and life-changing injuries.

serious injury claimsIt’s impossible to provide a list of every type of injury classified as serious or catastrophic. However, the following are some types of serious injury claims we have been asked to help people with:

What Types of Accidents Cause Serious Injuries?

Catastrophic injuries happen in all kinds of ways. If you suffer serious injury in an accident that was caused by the carelessness (negligence) of someone else, then you have a right to make a compensation claim against the other person. It will usually be the negligent person’s insurance company that will deal with the claim.

Some accidents cause only minor injuries, and others life-changing injuries. The difference is often a matter of chance – the wrong place at the wrong time, on many occasions.

Some types of accident or negligence tend to cause more severe injury types than others, and these include:

  1. Road traffic accidents: particularly when vulnerable road users are involved, i.e., pedestrian accidents, cycling accidents, motorcycle accidents.
  2. Accidents at work: faulty machinery accidents, falls from height, falling objects, forklift truck accidents, to name but a few types of workplace accidents that may cause serious injury.
  3. Medical negligence – cases where the injuries have been caused by poor or inadequate medical treatment.

A serious injury can occur even when the type of accident seems innocuous.

For example, when someone trips on a fault pavement, they may often fall and suffer a sprained ankle or cuts and bruises.

However, occasionally the same type of accident may result in the victim’s head hitting the floor after falling, causing them to suffer a brain injury.

What type of compensation will I get for a serious injury?

The amount of injury compensation you receive at the end of your claim will depend on the type and severity of injury suffered.

Serious injury claims take a long time to settle or to get to court, and we are talking several years before your claim is concluded – sometimes longer. Often, multiple medical reports are needed over a long period of time before the severity and prognosis (likely course of your medical condition) can be assessed with any degree of accuracy.

In a serious injury compensation claim, it’s also unlikely that your only claim will be for the injury you suffer. You will probably have claims for several other types of compensation, such as:

  • loss of past and future earnings
  • medical and therapy treatment fees
  • cost of medical aids
  • Adapting or buying new transport
  • Adapting your house to accommodate a long-term disability caused by the accident
  • Medical care and rehabilitation costs

How long do I have to start a serious injury claim?

The time limit for starting a serious injury claim is no different from any other personal injury claim, and you have three years from the date of the accident within which to start a claim.

There are exceptions to the rule concerning children under 18 years of age who suffer a catastrophic injury in an accident and those with a mental disability.

Both of these groups have longer within which to start a claim, but we advise any injured victim of an accident to seek legal advice from a personal injury law firm if they have any concerns about time limits for bringing a claim.

We strongly advise any victims of medical negligence to seek advice from a clinical negligence solicitor about the time limit that applies to their bringing a clinical negligence claim.

In most circumstances, we will be able to fund your serious injury claim by offering you the benefit of a No Win, No Fee arrangement.

Will I have to wait until the end of my claim to get any compensation?

One of the first things we set out to do in a serious injury claim is to get the other side (the insurers of the person responsible for your injuries), to make a significant interim payment: a payment upfront. In this way, we can help ease your financial concerns and as the claim goes on, we will keep at the forefront of our minds the prospect of getting further interim payments at appropriate times.

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