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Fall From Height Accidents at Work Claims

ACCIDENT AT WORK COMPENSATION CLAIMS Fall From Height Accidents at Work Claims Your employers owe you a duty of care to keep you safe at work, and this requires them to do all they reasonably can to prevent you from having an accident at work. ...

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Why is farming so dangerous?

If you ever got asked what you thought was the most dangerous type of job you could have, what would your answer be? Working in the building trade, perhaps? You'd certainly be correct in thinking it is right up there as one of the most dangerous occupations. Statistically, though, it's ...

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Slip and Trip Hazards in the Workplace

In most people’s eyes, slip and trip accidents at work probably wouldn’t obviously rank amongst the most serious types of accident claims that a personal injury solicitor would have to deal with on a day to day basis. Whilst that might be true in some instances, it would be wrong ...

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Do you get paid if you’ve had an accident at work?

There is no legal requirement for an employer to continue paying an employee who takes time off work to recover from an injury sustained in an accident at work. An employee who takes sick leave will only be entitled to receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), provided specific criteria are met. ...

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