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A Message From Our MD Regarding Coronavirus

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  3rd April 2020  |

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Alistair Worth profileLike everyone else in the country all of us at Mooneerams have found ourselves having to adjust our lives very quickly,  both collectively as a business and more importantly as individuals with families, to the serious threat posed by the coronavirus, Covid 19.

I took the decision to facilitate remote working for all members of this company as of the 18th March. I wanted to do everything I could, at the earliest opportunity, to protect my work colleagues from the risk of infection from this disease.

Equally, although most of our communications with our clients are by phone, email and other digital means of communication, we do still see clients at the office. Obviously, we were very mindful too, of not putting any visitors to the office at risk.

Through a tremendous group effort, we have managed to achieve remote working very quickly. This has gone relatively smoothly, and it really is now a case of business as normal (as it can be). Every one of our colleagues has worked hard to ensure that for our clients, there has been little or no interruption in the service that we are providing them with.

We have been in contact with all of our clients individually to inform them that we are remote working and will remain doing so, until this crisis is confirmed as being over.

Our clients are hugely important to us and it remains important to them, that we deal with their cases as professionally and efficiently as possible, whilst accepting that the legal profession, like all businesses is having to work within the constraints that this pandemic has imposed on everyone. Delays are inevitable. Courts are working more slowly. Medical experts are helping out their colleagues on the front-line battling against the effects of this disease. Everyone is doing their best and the rapport that has developed between lawyers on opposing sides, has been encouraging to witness.

I have been extremely mindful that whilst in respect of our dealings with our clients, it is business as near normal as is possible, in all other respects, that is not the case. That is why we have pulled back completely from our normal marketing activities.

We have not posted anything on Facebook since March 18th.  For the same reason we have not engaged in any other form of advertising. That will remain the position until normality resumes, whenever that might be.

On behalf of everyone at Mooneerams, please do stay safe.  We wish you and your families all the very best.

Alistair Worth.

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