Heavy exposure to asbestos generally comes through working with it i.e., through cutting, sawing, tearing or drilling asbestos. Exposure then comes through inhaling the clouds of asbestos fibres that become airborne, as a result.

As previously explained, asbestos was banned from use and import in two stages (1985 and 1999) in the UK. Therefore, as asbestos is no longer being used, in theory there should be no danger of any further exposure to it.

However, asbestos is still present in many buildings even today, particularly in the form of Asbestos Insulating Board (AIB). Amosite or Brown Asbestos was often present in AIB, sometimes mixed with chrysotile (White Asbestos). AIB is still intertwined with the infrastructure of schools, hospitals, other public buildings and in older residential properties.

Other forms of asbestos can still be found in buildings:

  • Asbestos lagging on boilers/pipes
  • Loose fill asbestos
  • Spray coated asbestos on the walls and ceilings of rooms.

In airing cupboards, tiles and around old fuse boxes.