The fear of this happening is sometimes enough to prevent people from pursuing an accident at work injury claim against their employers.

As experienced accident at work accident claim solicitors, we at Mooneerams have every sympathy with would-be clients who are reluctant to make an employer’s liability claim for this reason.

Some bosses don’t take it well if one of their workers sues them for personal injury compensation sustained in a workplace accident. Most wouldn’t contemplate taking retaliatory action in the form of getting rid of an employee. Some may do.

If that were to happen, any employee treated in this way would have a solid case under Employment Law for taking the employer to an employment tribunal by starting an unfair dismissal claim.

Sometimes an aggrieved employer faced with an employer’s liability claim from an injured employee will fall short of sacking the employee. Instead, they will resort to trying to make the employee’s life a misery during working hours.

Should this happen to you, you must realise why the employer is doing this and keep a detailed diary of events. Should the situation become unbearable and provided you have been working for the employer for at least two years continuously, you may have a claim for constructive dismissal if it all gets too much for you and you decide to leave the company.

Important – walking out of a job and claiming for constructive dismissal is a big step and should not be taken lightly. Certainly, you should seek advice from a specialist Employment Law solicitor. Although  Mooneerams do not take on employment law tribunal cases, (it’s not our specialist area of work), we do work closely with other solicitors who are experienced in employment law. We will be more than pleased to put you in contact with them. Call us here at Mooneerams on 029 2048 3615 and we’ll arrange this for you.