The obvious answer to this would be ‘no’.

However, whilst you may believe that an accident at work may well have been your fault entirely, it’s not always the case that it was your fault.

Remember, your employer owes you a duty of care – that is, he must take all reasonable precaution to ensure your safety whilst you are at work.

For instance, if you have an accident whilst working alone on a machine and you get injured by moving parts whilst trying to repair it, you might think that’s entirely your fault. However, there are immediate questions that spring to mind in a situation like this:

  1. Have you received adequate training about what to do when a machine develops a fault?
  2. Has your employer failed to maintain the machinery adequately? Was it defective?
  3. Had you worked on this machine before, and were you used to work on it?
  4. Did the machine have a safety guard on it? Was it faulty?
  5. Was your employer in breach of any legislation, such as PUWER, the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, HASAW?

Where the blame for an accident at work lies may not always be as apparent as it might initially seem to be.

It is always worth getting the views of an experienced accident at work personal injury solicitor if you receive an injury whilst at work. You’ll be able to run the circumstances of the incident past them to get an independent view on liability. Most specialist personal injury solicitors will be happy to provide you with complimentary advice about whether they believe that you have any reasonable prospects of making a successful personal injury claim against your employer.

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The moral of this section:

Don’t automatically assume that if you suffer an accident at work that it was your fault – either in whole or in part.

The law surrounding an employer’s liability to an employee can be complex and there are sometimes many factors to take into account when assessing who was liable for an accident at work.

That’s why seeking out sound legal advice from specialist and experienced accident at work solicitor is always the right thing to do, when you’ve been injured in a workplace accident. At Mooneerams solicitors we are expert employer’s liability solicitors and we only act for employees, never for employers. Call us on 029 2048 3615 for some initial advice now. It won’t cost you anything to find out whether we think you’ve got a claim! You can contact us online too