Sometimes, you ask a solicitor to act for you in an accident at work claim, but things don’t work out. We have spoken with people for whom that has happened, and they feel trapped because they don’t realise that they are entitled to switch solicitors when things go wrong.

There are a whole host of reasons why your relationship with your personal injury solicitor might break down partway through a claim.

  1. Your claim is progressing too slowly
  2. Your solicitor is unresponsive – you never seem to be able to contact them, or they respond to your emails and calls too slowly or not at all.
  3. You come to feel that they are not up to the job at hand.
  4. Your claim keeps being passed from solicitor to solicitor or, more likely, in some companies, from inexperienced clerk to inexperienced clerk.
  5. You are completely unhappy with the service provided – for multiple reasons.
  6. You have realised that you are not getting good advice.
  7. You are losing trust in your accident at work solicitor.

Can you change, partway through the accident at work claim, without it causing major problems?

Yes, you can. The main worry that most people have when considering whether to switch solicitors is about legal costs.

Will the solicitor I want to take my claim away from now say that I have to pay his or her legal costs if I change solicitor?

This is rarely a problem. If you decide to change your accident at work solicitor, call us at Mooneerams first. If you decide you would like us to take on your personal injury at work claim, we’ll liaise with your current solicitor. In most instances, the other solicitors will agree to transfer your file of papers over to us on condition that we get their legal fees back from the employer’s insurance company, as well as our own, at the end of the claim.

Your accident at work claim is important. Please don’t feel that you have to stay with your current injury solicitor when you aren’t happy with them. Contact us at Mooneerams, and we’ll explain how we can help you.

We hope that you’ve found ‘Accidents at Work: The Complete Guide to Claiming Compensation’ both informative and interesting. Talk to us now on 029 2048 3615 to speak to one of our accident at work solicitors today.  

Alistair Worth, Managing Director, Mooneerams Solicitors