Sometimes, you ask a solicitor to act for you in an accident at work claim, but things don’t work out. We have spoken with people for whom that happened, and they feel trapped because they don’t realise they are entitled to switch solicitors when things go wrong.

There are many reasons why your relationship with your personal injury solicitor might break down partway through a claim.

  1. Your claim is progressing too slowly.
  2. Your solicitor is unresponsive – you never seem to be able to contact them, or they respond to your emails and calls too slowly or not at all.
  3. Responses you receive from your solicitor make you question if he is competent.
  4. Your claim keeps being passed from solicitor to solicitor or, more likely, in some companies, from inexperienced clerk to inexperienced clerk.
  5. You are completely unhappy with the service provided – for multiple reasons.
  6. You have realised that you are not getting good advice.
  7. You are losing trust in your accident at work solicitor.