You’ve suffered an injury in an accident at work, and you are either sure it was the fault or your employer, or you think it may have been the fault of your employer. How do you go about making a claim?

The first thing to do is to sit down and take stock. Have you:

  1. Made sure that you’ve reported the accident by following any company guidelines or rules?
  2. Got details of any witnesses to the accident, witnesses who saw you report the accident to your line manager of superior?
  3. Written down dates of visits to A&E, your GP or other medical advisors you may have seen after the accident?
  4. Taken photos of the scene of the accident?
  5. Checked the position regarding being paid by your employer whilst off work or found out how you go about getting Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)? This information should be in the company handbook. Alternatively, your HR department or manager will be able to advise you.

If you haven’t covered all of these points, take action to do so now.

Having checked everything off the list, let’s look into starting an accident at work claim.

We’d strongly advise you to ask an experienced accident at work solicitor to take on your claim and pursue it on your behalf.

Employer’s liability claims are not always straightforward matters, and an expert workplace accident lawyer will take so much weight and stress off your shoulders.

You can usually get representation from an accident at work solicitor under a No Win No Fee Agreement, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA). With the benefit of a CFA. If your claim does not succeed, you’ll have nothing to pay either to your solicitor or to your employer’s solicitor.

If you do win your accident claim, you will pay your solicitor an amount of up to a pre-agreed maximum percentage of the compensation you recover from your employer’s insurers. This percentage cannot be any more than a maximum of 25% of your compensation.