You have limited time to start an accident at work claim. The time limits are strict.

In the case of an adult, the time limit for bringing an accident at work personal injury claim is three years from the accident date.

The time limit is known as the limitation period. It is so-called because the rules about time limits for bringing different types of claims are in the act of parliament called The Limitation Act 1980

The limitation period for children starts when they reach their 18th birthday and runs out on their 21st birthday. By the very nature of accident at work claims, the particular rules relating to children will be of a limited effect, but as children can be employed once they have reached 14 years of age, it still has some relevance.

A claim can be brought on behalf of a child by their parents or guardians. Alternatively, the child may start a claim when they reach 18.

The rules on limitation for starting asbestos claims are different. We classify asbestos claims as Industrial Disease claims rather than accident at work claims, but if you are interested in learning more about the limitation period for asbestos claims, we recommend you visit our dedicated page, the Asbestos Claim Q&A Guide’ on our website, where you will find more details.