How long an asbestos claim will take will depend on a lot of different factors, including:

  • The type of asbestos disease that you have.
  • How easy it is to connect with your former employer/s and their insurers.
  • Whether liability is disputed.
  • How easy or otherwise it is to put together the evidence needed to support your claim e.g., the tracing and interviewing of former colleagues.

It can take as long as three years from the time that you instruct a solicitor through to getting asbestos disease compensation.

Mooneerams asbestos disease solicitors will push hard to settle a mesothelioma claim in a time frame of between three to six months, in order to try and conclude it within the lifetime of the sufferer.

Sadly, mesothelioma victims have a very short life expectancy after being diagnosed. The law recognises this and there is a special ‘fast track’ system within the court system to enable such claims to be dealt with very quickly.