It is estimated there are 11 million pet dogs in the UK. Following an investigation into dog attacks, figures produced by the BBC revealed there were almost 22000 cases of dog attacks causing injury in 2022.

If you get bitten by a dog, here’s our advice:

  1. After a dog bite, your health should be your main priority. Clean the wound thoroughly with soap and water, apply a sterile dressing, and seek medical attention promptly. Even minor bites can lead to infections, so getting proper medical treatment is essential.
  2. Report the dog attack to the Police. They will document the incident. If you were injured and or the dog was dangerously out of control, they will investigate the dog attack to see if you were injured. At a later stage, you can apply for any police report prepared as a result of the incident, which may prove helpful as evidence in support of a dog bite claim, should you decide to pursue a compensation claim against the dog’s owner.
  3. Find out the identity of the dog’s owner. Ask them for details of any insurance policy they may have to cover them in case of a claim brought because their dog causes harm to someone.
  4. Take contact details of any witnesses to the dog attack. What they saw may be helpful as evidence in support of your dog bite compensation claim.
  5. You can bring a claim for compensation against the owner of the dog that bit you if you suffered injury in a dog attack and the incident was due to the owner’s failure to control the dog.
  6. You can still pursue a claim if the dog attack occurred on private land or at the dog owner’s home. The key is to prove you suffered injury and the owner failed to control their dog.
  7. If you cannot find out who owned the dog, or you know who the owner is but they have no insurance, you may still be able to claim through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).
  8. Contact Mooneerams Solicitors on 029 2048 3615 for more information on making a dog bite attack claim. You may be eligible to pursue the personal injury claim on a No Win No Fee

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