If you are injured in an accident that was not your fault away from your normal workplace, but whilst on work business, whether or not you have a possible claim against your employer will vary depending on the particular circumstances of each case.

It would be easy to assume that if your job involves you attending different locations to carry out your work, and you suffer injury in an accident whilst at a different site, that you will not be able to make an accident at work claim against your employer. That isn’t necessarily the case. Your employer owes you a duty of care to provide a safe place of work even if the place they send you to work at, is away from the company’s site and is a location they neither own nor have any control over.

Accidents of this nature could involve trip, slip and fall accidents at the premises you have been sent to work at, a dog bite attack whilst working in a client’s home, or an accident whilst carrying out construction work offsite.

Your employer is under a duty to make sure, by carrying out checks beforehand, that you are not being sent to work in an unsafe environment.

Bringing an accident at work claim against your employer for injuries sustained during the course of carrying out your work duties at another site, can be daunting. Don’t be put off from contacting one of our specialist accident at work solicitors for advice on whether you have a claim. Call us on 029 2048 3615 to discuss further.