As already mentioned, your immediate concern after being injured in a workplace accident should always be to get your injuries checked over by a medic. The first port of call will be the company’s designated first aider, which every company must have. by law

If you were seriously injured, someone should take you straight to A&E. A work colleague should accompany you, and if you are in a fit state to do so, you must insist that someone does.

If the injury is less severe, you should still err on the side of caution. After the first aider has treated you, make sure you follow up by visiting a doctor or A&E of your own volition. Do this for the sake of your health, first and foremost. Think about making a claim afterwards.

If, for instance, you received a blow to the head, e.g., as a result of banging your head on the floor following a slip, trip or fall accident, there is a distinct danger of getting a delayed concussion. To address this risk, go and see a doctor straight away.

If you are still suffering symptoms several weeks after the first consultation, see the doctor again.

Should you decide to claim for accident at work personal injury compensation, you will need to allow any medical experts instructed as part of the claim to have permission to view your medical records.

Your notes will show that you promptly reacted to any ongoing symptoms or problems you were having by getting treatment from your GP.