Slip and fall accidents occur when a lawful visitor to the occupiers premises slips and falls due to a slippery floor, uneven flooring, loose mats or rugs, dusty surfaces, or icy floors. Accidents of this type can happen indoors or outdoors. Liability will attach to the occupier if they are aware of the hazard but have done nothing to remedy the situation, have failed to provide clear signs to warn visitors of the danger or cordon off the area surrounding the defect.

Trip and fall accidents happen when a person trips over an obstacle or hazard on the property, such as a loose tile, exposed wiring, or a defective carpet, falls down poorly maintained staircases, or trips and falls in a car park with inadequate lighting.

Falling objects from height accidents occur when an object falls from a height and injures a visitor to the premises. An example of this could be collapsing shelves, work tools falling from scaffolding, and debris falling from the roof of the building.

Accidents caused by inadequate maintenance of the premises result from the failure of the property owner to maintain the premises in a safe condition. Examples include tripping accidents caused by a failure to keep the premises free of clutter or tripping over the edge of a carpet that has become raised due to wear and tear.

Dog bite or animal attack accidents happen when a person is bitten or attacked by a dog or other animal while a visitor to the property.

Swimming pool accidents can occur when accidents happen in or around swimming pools due to inadequate safety measures or a lack of supervision.

Faulty equipment accidents result from accidents caused by defective or poorly maintained equipment on the property, such as damaged playground equipment or faulty gym equipment.

Fire or electrical accidents involve injuries caused by fires that start due to worn-out sockets that haven’t been properly earthed or wiring that breaks. Accidents of this nature usually occur due to a lack of routine maintenance inspections.