Crocidolite – also known as ‘Blue Asbestos’.

It is hugely toxic.

Its fibres resemble needles, and this is what makes them so dangerous. When they are inhaled, they cause great damage to the lungs. Blue asbestos was mainly used in a spray-on format.

Amosite – also known as ‘brown asbestos’. Another highly dangerous form of asbestos.

Chrysotile – also known as ‘White Asbestos’. It was the most commonly used form of asbestos, certainly in the UK.

It was widely used in all types of industry and commerce. One of the main uses to which it was put, was in asbestos based cement.

Although less dangerous than crocidolite and amosite, with soft fine fibres, it would be wrong to think of it as a safe form of asbestos. It is responsible for millions of deaths from asbestos disease, worldwide.