There are strict time limits for making personal injury claims in Wales and England. In most personal injury cases, you have three years to claim. The three-year period starts from either the date of the accident or from when you first discover you have an injury or illness caused by being in the accident. (It’s the case that with some medical negligence and asbestos disease cases, the injured person doesn’t realise they are injured (or ill) until years later.)

There are some exceptions to the strict three-year rule, and they are as follows:

  • When the injured person is a child, the three-year time limit only starts from their 18th birthday.
  • If the injured person doesn’t possess the mental capacity to handle their claim, there is no time limit for when a qualified person can start a claim on behalf of the person with a disability. However, if mental capacity is regained, the limitation period will start from that day.

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