You will often see us write that if you have been involved in an accident, you should ask an experienced personal injury solicitor to make an injury claim for you? Not all solicitors are experienced in personal injury claims.

When it comes to making an asbestos disease claim, it is imperative that you choose an experienced asbestos claims lawyer to deal with your asbestos disease claim.

It is only an experienced asbestos disease solicitor that will possess the experience and knowledge required to overcome a problem like the one posed by this question : ‘What will you do if the company that you worked for when you got exposed to asbestos, has gone out of business or been otherwise wound up?’

In most cases, an experienced asbestos lawyer will be able to unravel the history of the company and at the very least be able to trace who it was insured with.

It might sound unlikely,  but asbestos solicitors who have many years relevant experience, are, more often than not, likely to able to find out the identity of the relevant insurers and start your asbestos claim.

They will do so in the knowledge that if your claim is successful, the insurance company will pay out any asbestos compensation awarded to you.