General Damages is the term for the compensation you will get for the pain, suffering and loss of amenity you go through as a result of clinical negligence. The claim for loss of amenity tells you that part of your claim for general damages will be to compensate you for the effect the injuries suffered have and will, in the future, affect your way of life.

Many people think of ‘injury compensation’ as the only item of a claim in sepsis negligence claims, but it’s not.

The other type of damages claim is for Special Damages.

Special Damages  is compensation for any past or future financial loss that can be worked out by use of a mathematical calculation. Special damages in sepsis claims may include some or all of the following ( and maybe items not mentioned here):

  1. Loss of earnings
  2. Travel expenses
  3. Rehabilitation costs
  4. Past care costs (already paid for or owing) and estimated costs of future care
  5. Provision of aids and other specialist equipment
  6. Cost of reasonably incurred private medical treatment
  7. Purchase of a car or another form of transport
  8. Cost of prosthetics and orthotics ( where limb amputation has been necessary)
  9. Pension loss
  10. Future costs of home maintenance and gardening

Fatal damages may be applicable if a person has died as a result of sepsis, leaving behind a partner and/or minor children.

Our specialist sepsis negligence claims solicitor partner will discuss your needs with you and put together your claim for special damages accordingly.