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In Conversation With: Mooneerams newest qualified solicitor, Rosie Lyne

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  17th September 2020  |

rosie lyne

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The 1st of July 2020 will forever be indelibly etched in Rosie Lyne’s memory. Just like your own birthday, the day that you qualified as a solicitor is one that you’ll never forget.

For any newly qualified solicitor, it is a marvellous, often emotional day. Becoming a solicitor doesn’t just happen. It’s the reward at the end of a long, hard slog that starts with a seed being sewn at some point during the later years at school, although some people do only decide that they want to pursue a career in law whilst at University.

In most cases, after taking a law degree, one further year of study is required at Law School culminating in the dreaded Legal Practice Course (LPC) examination.

Assuming that the LPC is dealt with successfully, then a would be solicitor must complete a 2 year training contract with a firm of solicitors.

So yes, if you get through all that, like Rosie Lyne has, you have every reason to be proud of the day that you are finally admitted to the Roll of Solicitors. It’s even nicer when the firm that you did your training contract with, decide that they’d like you to stay on after you qualify and take up a role as a qualified solicitor with the firm. That’s what happened to Rosie.

We had a chat with Rosie about why she chose to become a solicitor and her route to becoming one.

Rosie, it’s great to have you on board here at Mooneerams. Are you originally from the Cardiff area?

Hi. Thank you. It’s great to be here and to be staying here! In answer to your question, I am very much from the area. I was born in Grangetown in Cardiff and I went to school in Penarth.

Did you go to University locally too?

Indeed, I did. I took both my undergraduate law degree and studied for and took my LPC, at the University of South Wales.

When did you decide you wanted to become a solicitor?

Not until sixth form. Initially I was going to take Chemistry, Biochemistry or Medicine at Uni, as I had taken maths and science for my A-Levels. What changed my mind, was when I was asked to dissect a rat in biology. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

I attended a weeklong programme organised by a national law firm. This was designed to provide 6th form students with an insight into a career in law. After attending this course, I was hooked on the idea of becoming a lawyer. I also did some work experience in a criminal law firm and that reinforced my decision to study law at university.

So, after finishing your degree and the LPC course, where did you train to become a solicitor?

I started my training at another firm of solicitors where I got experience in  conveyancing and wills. I then came over to Mooneerams in April 2019 and finished my training here, getting plenty of experience in personal injury work. At the end of my training, I was delighted to be offered employment as a solicitor, by the directors of Mooneerams.

Why Mooneerams?

The size of the firm felt right – I didn’t want to be a tiny cog at  a larger firm.

I’ve lived my life in and around Cardiff. I wanted to stay around the area to work, so Mooneerams was a perfect fit on that score too. Mooneerams also did a personal injury claim for my brother and I was impressed with the service that they provided to him and the successful result they got for him.

What’s life like at Mooneerams – go on,  you can be honest with us?

Ha, ha. That’s no problem, because I don’t have any bad things to say!

It was and still is a nice size firm – neither too small nor too big. Your efforts are appreciated, and you are told when you’ve done good work. I like that. Because of our size, you really feel like you are contributing to the firm’s success. We work together as a team and the management are very open with us about the numbers of cases we are settling, the amount of damages (compensation) we are bringing in each month for our clients and the amount of legal costs that we have recovered, as a team, too. It’s a relaxed place to work. I think that really works because we all feel motivated to do our very best for our clients and for Mooneerams.

The firm are passionate about providing access to justice for ordinary people. We are a niche personal injury firm that only acts for claimants, not insurance companies. I like the firm’s ethos very much.

What are the qualities that you feel you bring to your work?

I am organised, thorough, driven and a perfectionist. I also feel like I am good at building relationships with clients.

What do you find most rewarding about the work that you do?

I find it very rewarding when I have settled a claim and the client is really happy with their settlement.

…and in your spare time?

Oh, I like fairly normal things like going on holidays, going for long walks, going to the gym, socialising with my friends and family and doing some cooking!

Thanks for your time Rosie.

No, thank you. It was my pleasure.

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