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Alistair Worth

Alistair Worth

|  10th September 2021  |


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Mooneerams Solicitors are hunting for new talent to join the team. You’ll notice that we simply said, ‘new talent’. That’s because we are putting no barriers up to deter those, who may be otherwise brilliant candidates, from applying for a job with us.

So, you may be an established solicitor, seeking a change and looking to work in a super busy, yet different type of claimant personal injury only firm of solicitors. You’ll find us different because we are likely to a be a less stuffy bunch than previous law firms you may have worked for. That said, we work hard for our clients – very hard. We are ultra-professional but in a relaxed way that puts out clients totally at ease. We get results for our clients too. Blindingly good ones. Our online reviews bear testament (Trustpilot, and Facebook)

On the flip side, you may not yet have had experience of working at a law firm, although you’ve always said you’d love the chance to do so! Well, here it is!

We are recruiting at all levels. What we want you to do is tell us why we should hire you! We want your passion and desire to deliver a great service to the injured victims of accidents from South Wales and beyond, to jump off the pages of the CV and covering letter you are going to email to us at

Whilst many personal injury solicitors are letting go of people because work has dropped off since the whiplash reforms or they are worried about the effects fixed legal fees may bring, Mooneerams are responding as Mooneerams do. You see we have been proactive and worked to a detailed plan. Whilst much of our new work still comes to us through word of mouth and local recommendations, we recognised well before the pandemic lockdowns hit, of the need to invest heavily in digital marketing.

Take a good look round our website at and you’ll get a flavour of what we do, what we are like as a firm and we hope, where you might fit in.

Then send us a concise CV and equally concise but knockout covering letter, that will make us pick up the phone and invite you to come and talk to us.

Mooneerams Solicitors have been around for 19 years. We’ve always been a claimant only personal injury firm of solicitors and we believe we are the only such one in all Wales. If you are successful in your application, you will be joining a truly unique and successful firm. Mooneerams is a great place to work, so why not come and be a part of us.

Send your CV and covering letter to We look forward to hearing from you.

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