Mooneerams Solicitors are experts in the field of public liability claims or so called ‘slips,trips and falls’ claims and having many years of experience in winning personal injury compensation for our clients who have been subject to an injury in a public place that wasn’t their fault.

As members of the public we have the right to use public areas and transport without any risk to our personal safety. However, injuries in public places are more common than you might think. The responsibility for the accident usually lies with the people who own,manage or maintain the property or land, who are legally obliged to ensure that their premises are hazard-free and insured and they would be the party responsible for public liability claims.

Councils for example, must ensure that all pavements and roads are well-maintained and clear of potential hazards. They can also be responsible for public places such as schools and leisure centres, so the buildings themselves must be up to safety standards.

Other public areas such as bars, hospitals, shopping centres, supermarkets and hotels are likely to be privately owned, in which case if you have been injured in such premises you may be able to make a public liability claim.

Whatever your injury, provided that we can establish that someone else is to blame, we can help you to obtain care and personal injury compensation. If you’re unsure whether or not you are partially at fault don’t worry, give us a call and we can help you through your public liability claim.