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Bronwen’s Wish named as Mooneerams Solicitors Charity of the Year 2024

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  19th February 2024  |


Bronwen’s W;sh is the Mooneerams Charity of the Year 2024

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Mooneerams Solicitors are delighted to announce that Bronwen’s Wish has been chosen  as the company’s charity partners for 2024.

For the second year running, Mooneerams decided to ask members of the public to vote for the charity that they wanted to see become Mooneerams Charity of the Year.

One hundred and eighty Welsh based charities received at least one vote each following  a social media campaign inviting Mooneerams friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to send in nominations.

We had a phenomenal response with almost five thousand people casting a vote for their chosen charity via the entry form on Mooneerams website .

Nominations were open for two weeks and the result announced on Mooneerams social media last Friday, when the charity that received most voted, Bronwen’s Wish was named as Mooneerams Charity of the Year 2024.

Bronwen’s Wish Charity was formed by the family and friends of Bronwen Morgan, a second-year student at Cardiff University who in 2020 aged just 26 years, tragically took her own life, after struggling with mental health issues for several years.

Bronwen’s Wish uses its voice to campaign for changes in the mental health system. It also raises funds to go towards providing practical help to youngsters experiencing mental health challenges, by funding the provision of Welfare Pods, or  Dens, for schools that believe they have a need for one.

The Pods will provide a quiet safe haven for children with mental health challenges who may want to spend time relaxing away from the bustle of everyday life;  alternatively they may want to use the Pod as somewhere where they can talk about their feelings to a person they trust.

Alistair Worth, the Managing Director of Mooneerams Solicitors, said:

“We are delighted to have been able to announce Bronwen’s Wish as Mooneerams Charity of the Year 2024.

I said last year that all the charities nominated would have been worthy of being our Charity of the Year. This time round with almost three times as many different  charities receiving a vote compared to last year, I can say exactly the same thing.  They would all have been worthy winners.

I am very pleased that we will be working with Haydn and Jayne (Bronwen’s Mum and Dad) and all the other people connected to this wonderful charity, over the next twelve months. We want to help raise awareness of Bronwen’s Wish and its aims – we also want to raise as much money as we can to help it achieve those aims.”

Haydn Morgan, Bronwen’s father and one of the founders of Bronwen’s Wish told us:

“We were all absolutely delighted when we heard the fantastic announcement that Bronwen’s Wish was Mooneerams Charity of the Year 2024.

Words cannot express how happy I and all the Trustees were on receiving this great news.  In fact, everyone associated with our Charity were over the moon to hear the announcement.

We are very much looking forward to working closely with  Alistair, Carl, and everyone at Mooneerams to support them in their endeavours to help raise awareness of the issues surrounding mental health challenges young people face and to also help them raise funds to build safe spaces for young people that need them.”

To find out more about Bronwen’s Wish visit the charity’s website here:

Keep updated with news about our fundraising efforts in aid of Bronwen’s Charity via our social media channels, or by visiting our website at

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