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How Do You Find A Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  13th June 2024  |


Tips on how to choose the right personal injury lawyer.

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When you sustain injury due to an accident that wasn’t your fault, you are entitled to make those responsible (the ‘third party’) accountable for their actions. You do this by bringing a personal injury claim against the third party.  

However, the mere prospect of starting a personal injury compensation claim can be unnerving. Few accident victims have experience navigating the legal system. The claims process may seem daunting and overwhelming. Trying to handle your own injury claim while you still suffer from the physical and psychological effects of the accident can be a very tall order! 

The reality is that no accident victim needs to put themself through the stress of starting a claim and processing it through the courts to an uncertain end. Choosing to handle your injury claim yourself is not a decision to take lightly.  It’s also worth pointing out that you’ll have nowhere to turn if you pursue your own injury claim and make a mistake during the legal process, which causes your claim to fail. If a solicitor handles the claim for you and makes a mistake that causes your claim to fail, you may be able to bring a solicitor’s negligence claim against them and so still receive compensation. 

Thankfully, there are many terrific personal injury solicitors throughout England and Wales who can ease the strain of making a claim. At the last count, 2,500 law firms were handling personal injury claims in England and Wales. 

A specialist personal injury lawyer with a proven track record of success will navigate your claim through the claims process, fight your corner and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. 

After deciding to entrust your claim to an expert personal injury lawyer, what’s the next step?

With so many personal injury firms in the UK, how do you ensure you choose the right one to pursue your compensation claim? 

Making the right choice is essential to maximizing the chances of your claim being successful. So, we have put together some handy tips for you to help make choosing a good personal injury lawyer, that little bit easier. 

Make sure the law firm you choose has expertise in personal injury law

Recommendations from friends and family can be a good starting point for choosing a solicitor, especially if they have personal experience of the quality of the solicitor’s service. However, ensure that the work carried out by the solicitor was a personal injury claim. For example, an outstanding conveyancing solicitor may not practice personal injury law. 

Many law firms practice personal injury law, but they are not all personal injury specialists. When it comes to winning your case, experience matters, and by choosing a law firm with a proven track record of dealing with personal injury cases similar to yours, you will gain access to a goldmine of expertise and practical, on-the-ground knowledge.  

Mooneerams is one of the few firms in Wales that solely handle personal injury cases. The firm also acts only for claimants (the people bringing the claim). 

Personal injury claims are all we do, so we think we can confidently call ourselves specialists!

Our expert personal injury solicitors are well-versed in the intricacies of every type of personal injury claim, including road traffic accidents, accidents at work, and accidents in public places 

We know how to deal with insurance companies and understand the court system from top to bottom.  In addition, for over two decades, Mooneerams has continually developed an extensive network of personal injury professionals, such as medical experts, consulting engineers, rehabilitation therapists, and more, to provide our clients with the best and most professional personal injury claims service possible.  

Our experience enables us to give first-class legal advice based not only on legal principles but also on the knowledge gained from successfully handling thousands of personal injury claims and recovering millions of pounds in compensation for our clients. 

Check out the firm’s online reviews

If you haven’t had a firm recommended to you, it’s likely you will search the internet to find one. You may like a firm’s website and get good vibes about what it can offer. However, it’s advisable to cross reference what you glean from their website with what clients say about it in the form of client reviews.  

It’s all well and good for a law firm to wax lyrical on their website about what they can offer you, but it’s something else entirely to hear from others who have been in your position. If a client has taken time out of their busy life to write a sparkling review of their experience, the firm must be doing something right!  

Reviews work both ways. After reading a law firm’s website, you can compare what the firm says about itself with what its clients say. The two aren’t always singing from the same ‘hymn sheet’! 

At Mooneerams, our clients are at the heart of everything we do. They always come first; if they’re happy, so are we. We’re immensely proud of the positive feedback our solicitors consistently receive from our clients.  

Our 5* online reviews on sites such as Review Solicitors, and Trustpilot are a testament to our team’s commitment to providing the highest possible levels of client service and our outstanding success rates in personal injury compensation claims.  

Look for awards and affiliations

Winning awards for their legal services and being affiliated with well-known organisations can indicate that the firm you’re considering is reputable and good at what they do. Most law firms will state their credentials on their website, so it’s worth taking a look. 

At Mooneerams, we focus on working hard for our clients to produce the best result possible for each of them. Winning awards and earning praise are not why we do what we do.  

Still, the two seem to go hand in hand, as our personal injury team are the proud winners of numerous prestigious awards. We’ve been named one of the top three personal injury law firms in Cardiff by the ‘ThreeBestRated’ website, rated the number one personal injury solicitors firm in Cardiff by Review Solicitors, voted the ‘Personal Injury Team of the Year’ at the Wales Legal Awards. We came ‘highly commended’ at the Law Society Excellence Awards 

We are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, the regulatory arm of the Law Society, we are members of APIL – The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers, which promotes and develops expertise in the field of personal injury law.    

Check out how your claim will be funded 

Legal costs can cause many clients concerns, so you must check how your proposed law firm will require you to pay for their work. 

At Mooneerams, we are committed to ensuring that anyone involved in an accident that wasn’t their fault can access top-class legal representation and start a claim for personal injury compensation, regardless of their financial situation.  

We act for most clients on a No Win No Fee basis. Under the terms of our No Win No Fee agreement, you will usually have nothing to pay if your claim is unsuccessful. If you win, you’ll pay a fee, which is capped.  

If you want to know more about how our No Win No Fee arrangement works in practice, call us now on 029 2048 3615, and one of our experienced team will be happy to explain it to you in more detail.  

Our solicitors’ extensive experience in personal injury claims allows them to accurately assess the merits of a potential new case. So when we say we believe your claim has reasonable prospects of success, we are doing so on the basis that if we take your claim on, we expect a successful outcome. If we don’t think the case has reasonable prospects, we’ll tell you why we don’t!

Get in touch with the firm before making a decision

There can be a difference between finding a ‘good’ personal injury lawyer and finding the ‘right’ one. The injuries sustained in an accident, both physical and psychological, can take a significant toll on an accident victim. Working with a solicitor you feel comfortable with and have confidence in can provide much-needed reassurance that they will listen to your concerns and do their best for you.  

Giving the solicitors you have found a call will help you get a feel for the type of law firm they are and ensure you choose the right personal injury solicitor.  

Open, honest communication is the key to a successful solicitor-client relationship. When you first contact us, we will take the time to get to know you and understand the facts of your situation. You’ll find the team at Mooneerams friendly, approachable, and plain-speaking. They will put you at ease, ensuring you feel relaxed even when discussing sensitive issues.  

After taking the steps suggested in this article, you will decide whether Mooneerams is the right fit for you. If you ask Mooneerams to take on your claim, our team will work closely with you throughout your personal injury case. They’ll take your concerns and opinions on board and update you regularly as the matter progresses.  

Our lawyers are passionate about securing the best possible outcome for their clients. They will work tirelessly to obtain the personal injury compensation you deserve so you can move on and focus on the future. 

Mooneerams Solicitors act on behalf of clients from all over England and Wales. Our head office is in Cardiff, and we have meeting facilities in London, Bristol, and throughout Wales.  

Call us now on 029 2048 3615 or fill in the form on this page with some brief details, and we’ll call you back. 

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