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Mooneerams opens its 10,000th new personal injury case

Alistair Worth

Alistair Worth

|  9th March 2022  |



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Today at Mooneerams, we opened our 10,000th personal injury case on behalf of a new client. We think that’s a milestone worth sharing with you.

Every time we take on a new personal injury claim for a client, it’s because they’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t their fault. They’ve been hurt, and they need our help.

So, reaching this landmark isn’t a cause for celebration but rather a chance to reflect on the work we do and how far Mooneerams Solicitors has come since our very humble beginnings in 2002.

I’ve been with Mooneerams from the very start. When Vin Mooneeram and I first started the business, our aim was to help ordinary people get back on their feet when they’d been the victims of accidents caused by someone else’s carelessness.Alistair Worth Mooneerams

Fast forward twenty years (yes, a significant birthday is fast approaching), and the firm has grown year on year. From there being two of us, we are now a team of fifteen.

We’ve ridden the waves of challenges that have been thrown at us – mainly by the government and insurance companies – and each year, we’ve got stronger because we’ve come through those challenges. We haven’t gone in for equity funding or mergers. We are what we have always been, with just the right amount of expansion to enable us to deal with a growing clientele.

People come to us, not by chance, but because they’ve been recommended to us by other satisfied clients or because they’ve seen the super 5* reviews we receive on Trustpilot.

We’ve embraced the digital age whilst not forgetting our roots amongst the people of Cardiff and the South Wales Valleys.

We do a good job, and word goes around the pubs and clubs that if you’ve been injured and it was someone else’s fault, you need to get in touch with Mooneerams. The same goes for Facebook:

“Can anyone recommend a good injury solicitor in Cardiff?”

“Mooneerams” invariably comes the reply.

Today, as well as our main office in north Cardiff, we have meeting rooms in  Aberdare, Bridgend, Bristol, Caerphilly, Cardiff Bay, Merthyr Tydfil, Pontypridd and Swansea.

We still act only for claimants – those needing to make a personal injury claim – not insurance companies, local authorities or any other organisation which defends injury claims. We still take on most claims on a No Win No Fee basis so that there is no financial risk to our clients in the very rare event that a case is lost, and we still don’t pay for new work. Every client who comes to us chooses Mooneerams because:

  • They’ve been recommended to us by friends or family
  • They’ve seen our 5*reviews on Trustpilot,, Google or Facebook, and they read what our clients say about the excellent, friendly, professional, and successful service they receive from Mooneerams
  • They’ve found us by doing an internet search, and they like what they see
  • They’ve read one of the many informative personal injury blogs and web pages on our website

Mooneerams Cardiff OfficeSo, it’s 10,000 claims and counting.

‘Big enough to specialise, small enough to care.” Yes, we know it’s a cliché, but it doesn’t half seem as though it was a slogan written just for Mooneerams.

Here’s to the next twenty years, all thanks to you, our wonderful clients, and friends.

Thank you so much.

PS By then, we think we’ll still be the only purely claimant personal injury solicitors firm in Wales!

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