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Will I have to wait until the end of my claim to get compensation?

Catastrophic injury claims can take a long time to settle or reach their conclusion by going to court; several years or more may elapse before you get your compensation. As experienced serious injury solicitors, Mooneerams will, at the earliest opportunity, help you get a significant interim payment from the insurers ...

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How long do I have to start a serious injury claim?

The time limit for starting a serious injury claim is no different from any other personal injury claim; in most cases, it's three years from the accident date. 'Start' (or 'bring') a claim means you must file the There are exceptions to the rule concerning children under 18 who suffer ...

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What can I claim for in a serious injury claim?

Loss of earnings: a claim for the earnings you lose up to the settlement date of your claim. Personal injury compensation: Damages (compensation) for the pain and suffering your injury has caused. Loss of future earnings: There may be an ongoing claim for loss of earnings beyond the date of ...

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What Types of Accidents Cause Serious Injuries?

Any accident that leads to bodily injury may result in serious injuries. Road traffic accidents: particularly when vulnerable road users are involved, i.e., pedestrian accidents, cycling accidents, motorcycle accidents. Accidents at work: faulty machinery accidents, falls from height, falling objects, forklift truck accidents, to name but a few types of ...

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What is a ‘Serious Injury’?

Serious or catastrophic injuries occur when the person involved in an accident that was not their fault suffers significant and life-changing personal injury. The nature of the injury defines the term serious injury claims, not the type of accident they were involved in. The following are some of the types ...

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