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‘It won’t last’ – Mooneerams solicitors celebrates its 20th birthday

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  5th September 2022  |


‘It won’t last’ - Mooneerams solicitors celebrates its 20th birthday

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Twenty years ago, a small (as in out of a bedroom, small) personal injury solicitors firm was born and took on its first clients.

The founders of this fledgling law practice decided the firm would only act on behalf of ordinary men, women and children who suffer injuries in accidents caused by someone else.

In taking this stance, the firm was making a stand based on principles and values, but it was also taking a considerable risk. By committing to act only for claimants, the newly formed Mooneerams Solicitors was saying, ‘we won’t act for insurance companies or local authorities to defend claims’. In doing so, Mooneerams ruled itself out of accepting work from a lucrative sector of the claims market.

‘It won’t last’, they said!’

This year at Mooneerams Solicitors, we celebrate our 20th Birthday. We still only act for claimants; as far as we know, we are the only purely claimant personal injury firm in Wales, just as we were back in 2002.

This firm thrives. We grow.

Our satisfied clients are still our most significant source of work. ‘Go to Mooneerams’ they say ‘they’re bloomin’ marvellous’ (or something similar)!

At the same time, we’ve kept pace with digital technology, and as a result, we rode the pandemic ‘roller coaster’ and came out on the other side stronger than ever and with clients coming to us from all over Wales and England.

We were named ‘Personal injury Team of the Year‘ at the Wales Legal Awards this year. You could say it was the icing on our 20th birthday year, cake (sorry).

All whilst maintaining our principles, supporting grass root good causes, and caring for the people we help, our clients.

We are still the same. Just 20 years older.

A small firm from Cardiff, punching above its weight. Proud to be from South Wales.

Proud to be Welsh.

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