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Mooneerams joins forces with Shelter Cymru

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  10th May 2022  |


Mooneermas team with Shelter Cymru

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Mooneerams Solicitors are delighted to announce Shelter Cymru as their chosen charity of the year for 2022/2023.

Throughout the coming twelve months, we will be holding a variety of fundraising events and initiatives, all with the end goal of trying to raise as much money and awareness as possible for Shelter Cymru.

Shelter Cymru describes itself as ‘Wales people and homes charity’ and has as its tagline, ‘Home is Everything’, which acts as an immediate downsizer, the moment you hear or read it. It certainly did for us anyway. We often take living in a nice, warm, dry, and safe house for granted. Shelter Cymru are there for those who don’t have that luxury.

The charity provides practical support, information, and advice to those who find themselves struggling, whether that be through bad housing or by being out on the streets.  Through its campaigns, Shelter Cymru lobbies government at both local and national level to change bad policies and laws, in relation to issues surrounding bad housing and homelessness.

To run all the superb services they do, Shelter Cymru relies on the tireless work of its selfless volunteers – but only up to a point. Carrying out all the work it does for those in dire housing circumstances still comes at a considerable cost. The combined effect of the pandemic and a housing crisis that is affecting 1 in 3 people in Wales, means – put bluntly- Shelter Cymru desperately needs all the donations it can get.

At Mooneerams, we recently had the pleasure of a visit from Ava Plowright, Senior Fundraising Officer at Shelter Cymru, and her colleague Penny Salter who came and gave the Mooneerams team a talk on the work Shelter Cymru carry out and why it is so badly needed, particularly at the present time.

mooneerams and shelter cymru

If we needed any encouragement to get out, raise as much money as we can and at the same time raise awareness of what Shelter Cymru is and the incredible work it does, then Ava and Penny’s talk certainly provided it!

Mooneerams Managing Director, Alistair Worth, said:

“We are thrilled Shelter Cymru will be our charity partner over the next twelve months. This charity does amazing work helping the many people in Wales who are in desperate states, either because they live in substandard accommodation or have no place they can call home. Shelter Cymru is a charity very close to all our hearts, and we look forward to doing the best we can to raise funds and help spread the word about this truly worthy cause.”

We can’t wait to get started! Already, four of our team have pledged to run the Wizz Cardiff Half Marathon on the 2nd of October, in aid of Shelter Cymru, which is fantastic news, but we’ve got much more planned as well.

We would love you to get involved with us, whether that be by way of sponsorship of our events or by getting involved with us. Whether it’s joining Team Mooneerams at the half marathon or helping out with any of the other events we’ll be revealing over the coming weeks, we’d love you to team up with us.

Also, if you’ve got a great idea for raising money for Shelter Cymru that we might not have thought of, please do get in touch with Carl at Mooneerams on 029 2048 3615 or by emailing We’d be thrilled to hear from you.

We now look forward to beginning our fundraising, in the knowledge that every single pound we raise will go towards helping someone in a difficult housing situation in Wales.

Find out more about Shelter Cymru being our Charity of the Year. To sponsor any of Mooneerams events on behalf of Shelter Cymru, throughout the year, you can do so by going to our Just Giving page at

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