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Mooneerams Solicitors opens four more offices in Wales

Carl Waring

Carl Waring

|  22nd August 2022  |


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So far it’s been a phenomenal year for Mooneerams Solicitors. We won the prestigious Personal Injury Team of the Year award at the Wales Legal Awards in May 2022, and this September we will celebrate our 20th birthday. That the two events come in the same year, seems fitting – a coming together of all the hard work and dedication put in by many people over a long period of time, to confirm Mooneerams standing as the ‘go to’ claimant personal injury solicitors in Wales.

To further enhance the offering we can to provide for clients, we are delighted to announce that we have recently opened new office facilities in:

Whilst online meetings have been invaluable over the difficult recent years we’ve all lived through, we know that many people would still prefer to see their personal injury lawyer face to face.

That’s why, including our Cardiff head office, Mooneerams now has eleven office locations covering the whole of South Wales from east to west, where both existing and new clients can come into see one of our personal injury experts, without having to resort to the use of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any other form of online meeting app.

Moreover, with an office in Bristol and the recent addition of our Newtown office in mid-Wales, we are able to meet in person with more clients, over a wider area of the country, than ever before.

Mooneerams Managing Director, Alistair Worth, said:

“In an ideal world we’d be able to meet every client face to face. However, in this day and age, where digital technology makes it possible for clients from anywhere in Wales and England to instruct us on new injury cases, it just isn’t possible for us to meet with them all in person.

However, by opening these additional office facilities we are demonstrating our commitment  to ensuring that as many clients as possible, who prefer meeting with their lawyer in person, are able to do so, and at offices that are convenient for them to get to.”

Mooneerams are now able see clients at any of the following locations:

If you would like to meet with one of our personal injury team at any of our office locations, please make an appointment beforehand. Call us on 029 2048 3625 or email at

Mooneerams are a niche personal injury firm. We act for claimants only; the people making a claim. We don’t act for insurance companies in defending claims.

In addition to Road Traffic Accident claims, Accident at Work claims and Public Liability claims, we also accept instructions on Clinical Negligence claims and Asbestos claims.

We fund most of our clients claims by using No Win, No Fee agreements, meaning if you don’t win your claim, you have nothing to pay.

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