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Can I be fired for making an accident at work claim?

The fear of this happening is sometimes enough to prevent people from pursuing an accident at work injury claim against their employers.As experienced accident at work accident claim solicitors, we at Mooneerams have every sympathy with would-be clients who are reluctant to make an employer's liability claim for this reason.Some ...

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What if the workplace accident was partly my fault?

'Partly at fault' can be written in legal terms as 'contributory negligence. The contributory negligence of a person who makes an accident at work claim (or indeed any other type of claim) can reduce the amount of compensation they receive, but that is all. It doesn't mean the employer is ...

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What types of injury are most common in accident at work claims?

There many different ways in which accidents at work happen. Equally, the types of injury that people suffer in accidents at work are broad and varied.If the accident victim is fortunate, they will escape with relatively minor injuries, such as sprains, minor cuts, or whiplash injuries. The less fortunate can ...

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Should I see a doctor straight after my accident?

As already mentioned, your immediate concern after being injured in a workplace accident should always be to get your injuries checked over by a medic. The first port of call will be the company's designated first aider, which every company must have. by lawIf you were seriously injured, someone should ...

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What should I do if no-one saw my workplace accident?

Make it known amongst your work colleagues that you have suffered an accident at work and do so as soon after the accident as you reasonably can. It is essential to do this if you were working on your own at the time of the accident. Telling your colleagues about ...

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Do I need to report an accident at work?

If you get injured in an accident at work, the onus is on your employer to record the accident details in the company's accident book. A business with more than ten employees must keep an accident book and record any workplace accidents in it. Most companies of whatever size will ...

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What are the different types of accident at work?

It's easy to think of accidents at work just happening in factories or other industrial settings. Perhaps this is because health and safety concerns weren't always what they should have been concerning 'heavy industry' in previous years.For instance, new cases of asbestos disease claims are started every day due to ...

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